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PenCS to streamline MyMedicare access with CAT

PenCS is pleased to announce that its Clinical Audit Tool (CAT) software has new filters and reports that enable general practices and aboriginal member services to efficiently identify patients who may benefit from MyMedicare, a voluntary patient registration model designed for general practices launched in October by the Australian Government.

PenCS’ CAT solution will streamline the process of identifying patients who are eligible for MyMedicare based on specific criteria, such as patient visit history, concession card possession, age and risk of chronic conditions. The CAT software will be used to address administrative challenges, optimise workflows, improve healthcare access, and foster proactive patient care.

This new model will enable healthcare providers to schedule workflows based on consistent revenue streams, focusing on regular preventative care plans rather than irregular events. This has the potential to allow better streamlining of workflow for enrolled patients and an improved value-based healthcare system where the emphasis is on preventative care to reduce hospitalisations.

The integration of CAT will allow healthcare providers to quickly flag patients who are eligible for MyMedicare based on the following criteria:

  • having had two face-to-face visits in the last two years
  • possession of a valid concession card
  • being under 16 years old
  • having been seen by particular providers
  • requiring a review of their Chronic Disease Management Plan in the last 24 months
  • residing in a Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF)
  • having chronic and complex conditions that elevate their risk of hospitalisation

CAT will be used to automate the identification process with MyMedicare, addressing administrative constraints and enhancing healthcare access to ensure a smoother and more streamlined workflow for healthcare providers. This optimised process will help foster stronger relationships between patients and their healthcare teams.

PenCS CEO, Edweana Wenkart, said:

“PenCS is pleased our robust CAT software solution will play a pivotal role in identifying patients who may benefit from MyMedicare, whilst streamlining the process for health providers to enable improved, proactive patient care. The integration of CAT with MyMedicare aligns with PenCS' commitment to use innovative health informatics technology to achieve optimal health outcomes whilst also supporting a more effective model that allows certainty for providers to plan around regular revenue instead of uncertain events.”

PenCS Chief Medical Adviser, Dr Kean-Seng Lim, added:

“Through the effective identification of patients eligible for MyMedicare using CAT technology, we can address many of the challenges associated with workflow and administrative burdens. This will be instrumental in realising the benefits of enabling General Practitioners (GPs) to properly formalise the relationship between all Australian patients, their general practice, GPs, and primary care team. This is a step towards managing whole populations of patients and working smarter together, providing the technology to ensure benefits to the health system, by reducing hospitalisations.”

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