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The PHN Publishes Mental Health Achievements Paper highlighting notable milestones in the delivery of mental health services across the region.

Access to quality primary healthcare is crucial for driving health equity and addressing gaps in mental health service offerings. It ensures that mental health is integrated into overall healthcare, reduces stigma, promotes early intervention, and makes mental health services more accessible to all, ultimately improving the mental health and wellbeing of our communities.

The Hunter New England and Central Coast PHN is committed to our vision of ‘Healthy People and Healthy Communities’. This paper details the journey of the PHN and highlights some of the many notable milestones and achievements in delivering mental health services and solutions for our communities, in the quest for realising our vision.

Many of these achievements may be attributed to the way we work with our communities and service providers to identify the most significant gaps; work with agility and responsiveness to provide diverse and tailored service solutions; and, how we build capacity on our journey to deliver improved health outcomes.

Please take the time to read our Mental Health Achievements Paper detailing how we’ve;

  • made improvements in both the quantity and quality of services,
  • made advances in commissioning,
  • ensured services provide value for money,
  • obtained and used valuable data, and
  • attracted funding to provide increased community support.

The paper also features several client success stories across a range of our services.

We thank all staff and service providers involved in delivering the achievements detailed.

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