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The PHN supports Koori Knockout through First Nations Health and Culture Pilot Project

The PHN is committed to enhancing health outcomes and acknowledges the importance of physical activity. The Koori Knockout event centres around fitness, fostering community connections, promoting social and emotional well-being, and strengthening cultural ties among participants.

The First Nation Health and Culture Pilot Project aimed to educate and empower First Nation youth, particularly in Tamworth, by providing them with knowledge about navigating the primary health sector and taking control of their well-being to reduce the risk of chronic diseases in their later lives.

The project recognised the importance of incorporating cultural aspects, fostering a connection to their heritage and country. Collaborating with the UNE Aboriginal engagement team in Tamworth, the project addressed the lack of awareness among First Nation youth regarding the primary health sector and their role as potential caregivers in their families and communities. By enhancing their knowledge and confidence, the project sought to reduce unnecessary hospital visits and empower youth to make healthy choices, contributing to the closing the gap targets.

The goals encompassed school attendance or employment, staying out of trouble, participating in training and education, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and offering opportunities like participation in the Aboriginal rugby league knockout on the Central Coast for those who achieved the established objectives.

This project aimed to bridge the gap in health education and support for First Nation youth while fostering cultural connections and empowering them to make informed, healthy choices.

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