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Blood Essentials: All About Bruising, Bleeding, and Iron Management

Tuesday, July 23rd 2024
7:30 PM - 9:00 AM

Are you a GP regularly encountering patients with bruising, bleeding, or iron-related symptoms? Icon Cancer Centre’s free CPD webinar on ‘Blood Essentials’ might be for you! Bruising, bleeding and iron-related symptoms, while common, can indicate a range of conditions – from non-malignant disorders including iron deficiency and haemophilia, to blood cancers such as Leukaemia.

In this webinar, leading Clinical Haematologists A/Prof James Morton AM and Dr Melissa Hancock, will guide you through best practice pathways to ensure optimal patient care when these symptoms present in general practice. Case-study based and GP led, you’ll learn how to identify initial investigations, recognise red flags, and understand treatment options and critical junctures for haematological referral.

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