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Welcome to the PHN's monthly staff newsletter.

The Pulse will now come to you at the beginning of each month. As ever, if you would like to share any news, updates, achievements, announcements or inspiration with your PHN colleagues email Staff Newsletter or the MEC team.

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November 2023 - Special ASG 23 Edition

Latest PHN News

ASG23 … the best yet! It’s a wrap

The Portfolio videos were a huge hit. Thank you to everyone who put an enormous effort into telling their portfolio story. Here is a link to a folder to view them at your leisure. Or, how about getting some colleagues into the Boardroom one lunchtime for a viewing with some popcorn?!

Even though plenty of photos have already been shared, the photo competition is now live and judging will take place for best photos in the following categories:
• Murrook Cultural Centre cultural activities
• Welcome to Country
• Outdoor photos from Shoal Bay
• Content from the conference room
• Dance floor divas
• Team photo from the photobooth
• Top contributor to the photo comp

To enter, please create a folder inside this folder with your name and place your photos inside. The ASG working group will judge photos in the coming weeks. Winners will be announced on the PHN Teams portal and prizes will be posted.

There have been many requests for copies of presenter presentations. We have put all the presentations into this folder on Sharepoint. Jackie Furey’s presentation has not been added yet. We are still waiting on her slide deck. We will add it to this folder as soon as it becomes available.

Music! If you have a Spotify account and felt inspired by the music we played throughout the conference, here are links to two playlists. The 2023 ASG HNECC PHN playlist came out of the Strategic Plan work with Jac Smith. The SWEET Values playlist came from your contribution during our table work at the conference where we talked about what our Values meant to us - and we asked you to bring our values to life in song. Enjoy!!

And lastly, please consider joining SWEET or the ASG Working Group. There is a great way to meet your colleagues and reap the rewards of being part of a collaborative team.

Signing out - 2023 ASG Working Group: Lorin Livingstone (Exec Sponsor), Bec Leahy (Chair), Toni Manton, Jacqui Smith, Jane Mendelson, Sam Dunne, Sandie Hordern, Kaycee Wisemantel, Phoebe James, Alison Clark, Mary-Anne Whitworth, Josh Fuller and Kirby Wall.

the big catch-up, immunisation conference 2023

The conference brought together leading speakers in the field to share current knowledge around vaccines, vaccine communication, current research and Australia’s place in the global scene. The conference theme The Big Catch-Up Immunise. Prevent. Protect. highlighted the widespread lag in vaccinations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the potential public health risks associated with it. The PHN's Education & Workforce team masterfully coordinated and hosted the conference, as ever, and were resplendent in their matching polo shirts. A special congratulations to all of the working group and in particular Sydney Cruikshank who facilitated activities with confidence and poise, and MEC's Bec Brennan who produced several short videos, featuring some of the region's immunisation providers, that were presented throughout the conference proceedings.

Visit the Conference web page to view all presentations and videos.

Hunter Innovation FestivaL

During the conference Professor Kelvin Kong gave an inspiring insight into his world as an ENT surgeon and First Nations Health. There were a number of multi-sector speakers including Ethics of AI and Automation, Health infrastructure, emerging technologies and exploring the potential of Health Innovation precincts. Fab Lab - Lake Mac Libraries was highlighted during the festival, if you are at all interested in creating new products and connecting with local innovators the Fun Lab is the place to be.

The festival was inspiring and a great opportunity for PHN staff to connect with innovators in local industries and government sectors. there are so many collaboration and shared learning opportunities. Thanks for sharing Jo Dean.

Workplace Update

Meet your LGBTQIA+ Ally Collaborative Members - Mary-Anne Whitworth

What is an initiative the LGBTQIA+ Collaborative is working on that you are excited about?

Gender neutral language in our employment documentation, such as the EA and recruitment documentation. This is one of the many steps we are taking to ensure all people feel welcomed and supporting within our organisation.

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