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Health Planning

Planning for better health care

We look at a number of things to help us plan health services, including:

  • the things we 'need' for good health - which we find in what people say, what experts say, and in what our data shows us; and
  • the things that 'determine' or influence our health

Need is an important concept in health planning. We look at four different types of need to build a picture of community problems and ensure that ‘real’ need is identified.

How do we do it?

We gather information about health needs and issues in our region by talking to people and communities, consulting experts and health care providers, looking at research, and from data we gather from many sources, such as the census, general practices and hospitals and other sources. As much as possible we try to look at smaller areas and communities so that we have a good picture of the health needs in our region.

We also take into consideration health care costs, benefits, and supply and demand in determining how best to address needs and improve health outcomes.

Core Needs Assessment

The Core Needs Assessment (CNA) is the first stage in the broader PHN commissioning framework and provides the basis for planning and commissioning of services. The CNA identifies the health and service needs of the HNECC PHN
population and inform the PHN’s understanding of our region.

The Core Needs Assessment 2022-2025 has built upon the 2019-2022 Core Needs Assessment utilising a convergent parallel design approach to undertaking the health and service needs analysis.

Hunter New England Central Coast (HNECC) Region

Want to know more?

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