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Central Coast HealthPathways Celebrates the creation of 600 Health Pathways.

With the ultimate aim of improving the patient journey through the local health system, HealthPathways provide a one-stop-shop for clinicians, merging information and knowledge from various sources into a user-friendly online platform.

Prior to the launch of HealthPathways in 2013, clinicians would access multiple clinical guidelines, websites, health organisations, peak bodies, professional associations, colleges, and societies to identify providers and develop referral networks. This process was inefficient and unreliable.

The platform is the result of local health professionals working together to identify what is working well and what could be improved in clinical management, articulate best practice management of hundreds of medical conditions, and outline local management and referral options.

This guidance is published on the Central Coast HealthPathways website and is available to all local health professionals to access. It enables general practice clinicians to manage conditions in primary care to the top of their scope of practice and navigate their patients through the local health system.

The development and updating of pathways and pages is an intense and collaborative process involving contributions from various health professionals all providing their knowledge, experience and unique professional perspectives in how best to care for patients.

In reaching this milestone of 600 health pathways, the Central Coast HealthPathways team would like to acknowledge and thank the GP Clinical Editors and GP Clinical Leads, CCLHD staff, GPs, nurses, allied health professionals, managers, administration staff, non-government organisation staff, and PHN staff who have shared their subject matter expertise and knowledge contributing into the development and updating the pathways since 2013.

Acknowledgement also to the Streamliners Technical Writers and extended community of other HealthPathways regions who share information and work collaboratively to implement HealthPathways across Australia.

In 2023 the Central Coast HealthPathways Team will be continuing to work with subject matter experts on the full review and update of existing pathways in Older Peoples’ Health, Pregnancy, Pain Management, Alcohol and Other Drugs, and on localising new pathways in Haematology, Paediatrics and Youth Health, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Mental Health, and Nephrology, amongst other clinical topics.

Health professionals in the Central Coast region can request a face-to-face or virtual HealthPathways demonstration including the latest updates and features.

If you would like to be a Subject Matter Expert or GP Reviewer contributing to the development and updating of pathways, we would welcome your involvement and expertise. Contact the team via email

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