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Important resources for NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying General Awareness Training, Healthcare Worker Obligations and Access Standard

In preparing for commencement of voluntary assisted dying in NSW on 28 November 2023, the NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying General Awareness Training, Healthcare Worker Obligations, and Access Standard are now available on the NSW Health website.

General Awareness Training

A voluntary assisted dying awareness training module for NSW healthcare workers is now available. This is intended for any healthcare worker in NSW, including those in the public and private healthcare system.

Upon completing this awareness training module, healthcare workers will be able to:

  • outline the broad concepts of voluntary assisted dying in NSW
  • identify the obligations of healthcare workers in NSW under the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2022
  • where appropriate, guide patients and their families to find further information and support resources on voluntary assisted dying.

How to access the training

NSW Health employees:

  • Please complete this training through My Health Learning (course code: 501951057) so that your completion data is captured and your district can see that you have completed this. If you choose to complete the training outside of My Health Learning, no details will be captured in the system.

All other healthcare workers:

  • Please access the training on the NSW Health website. The training will open in a new window. Your progress will not be saved, but you can return and complete it as many times as you like.

Obligations of healthcare workers

All healthcare workers in NSW have obligations under the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2022, including those with a conscientious objection. The healthcare worker obligations information provides guidance for healthcare workers in NSW on their obligations in providing support for patients seeking information about or access to voluntary assisted dying.

Access Standard

The Access Standard sets out how the Ministry of Health facilitates access to voluntary assisted dying for residents of NSW including:

  • voluntary assisted dying services provided by medical practitioners and other persons who carry out functions under the Act
  • prescribed substances
  • information about accessing voluntary assisted dying.

The document also details what steps have been taken to facilitate access for people living in regional or remote areas.

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