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Osteoarthritis Primary Care program (OPCP)

The Osteoarthritis Primary Care program (OPCP) is a multidisciplinary chronic care program for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis (OA) based within Central Coast Local Health District.

The program aims to assist people in managing their symptoms and identifying, managing, and minimising the risks of comorbidities. In doing so, participants’ function and quality of life are optimised and access to conservative interventions is facilitated. The OPCP consists of a comprehensive assessment by a multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, occupational therapist, dietitians, physiotherapy assistants and referrals to other disciplines if indicated.

Patients referred to the program will be contacted to attend for an initial MDT assessment at either Gosford or Wyong Hospital depending on their location.  There are also options of exercise classes and hydrotherapy classes to complement their management plan. 

We will work with your patients to develop a management plan so that they can better understand their OA symptoms, improve their function and quality of life. 

‘For more information about the service see the Central Coast HealthPathways referral pages: Adult Physiotherapy Assessment and Rehabilitation Providers.’

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