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Research Opportunity: The Get Back to Healthy Study

The Get Healthy Coaching Service® to reduce the burden of low back pain: effectiveness, cost effectiveness, and scalability is being undertaken by researchers from the University of Sydney.

Researchers from the University are looking for people with low back pain to participate in a study.

The research is looking at the benefits of helping people to stay on track with the treatment plans that have been recommended by their GP, physiotherapist, or chiropractor, for managing their low back pain.

The Get Back to Healthy Study aims to compare strategies to motivate and support people with low back pain to keep on track with the advice they have been given. Participation is free, with over 120 volunteers already enrolled, no in-person attendance is required.

The study is conducted entirely online using a survey through email and phone.

An information sheet provides details about the study. Further details may be obtained from Carlos Mesa Castrillon, phone: +610286279932 or email:

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