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Research Opportunity: Why (not) rural practice?

A GP choosing rural practice, considers the clinical work and from the practical side, they look at the characteristics of the job.

The aim for this research about the characteristics of the job of a rural GP is to inform practices, communities, workforce agencies and all levels of government in their policy development and support practices approaches to improve the distribution of GPs and the access of our rural communities to GP services.

This qualitative research will use semi-structured interviews with Current, Previous or Potential rural GPs or GP-in-training to understand how job characteristics [agreements, responsibilities, rewards) influence choice of rural practice, focusing on experiences and perspectives of the doctor and the interplay between the characteristics, different rural contexts.

GPs, including GPs in Training, who may be thinking about, currently in or previously in rural practice, are invited to take part in one of approximately 40 interviews.

For more information download the Participant Information Statement and complete the Expression of Interest form to indicate your interest in participating in the study.

For more details about the study please contact the project lead Anne Davis at or on 0417 438 423.

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