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SAVI’s Viability Assessment Platform (VAP) and survey NOW LIVE

Taking time to review business performance is fundamental for long-term success and can pay dividends for general practice business owners.

SAVI’s Viability Assessment Platform (VAP) and survey is officially live, and we invite all general practice businesses to participate. We are grateful for the valuable insights and feedback we have received from participating practices so far.

Early participation in SAVI has revealed the deep struggle that general practice businesses face but despite this hardship, there is a resilient spirit, highlighted a commitment to ensuring business viability and there is clear enthusiasm for initiatives like SAVI, that focus on the overall financial health of practices.

SAVI offers an early detection system for business performance issues. By completing the survey general practices can see which areas are working well, and also pick up the signs and symptoms of areas that might be underperforming and negatively impacting business viability and profitability.

The survey provides a straightforward non-intrusive way for general practice businesses to pick up vital indicators for your practice’s financial, workforce and operational health.

Survey results and subsequent support can help partnering practices make informed decisions, plan and see which areas of the business require extra attention. The PHN will be introducing focused business support for participating practices.

Early intervention and planning are key for any business and the PHN are focused on supporting the general practice sector in our region thrive.

SAVI is for all general practice businesses

  • Gain clarity about how well the business is performing overall
  • Understand if the business is performing at an optimal level, or making the most of opportunities
  • See if the business is moving in the right direction and setting goals
  • Optimise revenue
  • Improve business efficiencies and improve impact and profitability

Take 10 to check up on your general practices business health.

The Viability Assessment Platform will remain open until the 23rd February.

All General Practices were emailed a link to the Viability Assessment Platform survey on the 1st February.

If you haven’t received your survey link or require it to be re-sent to a different email address, or you have any questions about the initiative, please feel welcome to reach out to Allison Bull

More information about SAVI be found HERE

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