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Cemplicity Help Centre

In partnership with the HNECC, Cemplicity is dedicated to supporting commissioned services to get the maximum use out of the participant reported experience data that is provided through the YES PHN Survey. A range of data is available through your Cemplicity Dashboard to support your organisation with continuous quality improvement and to better understand the healthcare experience through your client’s eyes.

Navigating around the Dashboard may be challenging if you are unfamiliar with the portal and the data that is available. Cemplicity is mindful of this and is there to help!

Cemplicity recognises that understanding the clients’ experience as seen through their eyes is a powerful and valuable asset to an organisation. Having an ability to drill down to specific questions, filter in particular ways or look at trends can help your organisation to evaluate changes that may have occurred in a service. Results can help celebrate success or identify areas for improvement. While themes and comments from the survey can add qualitive data and feedback to work your organisation may be doing.

But how do you find this rich information? And how can you make the most of the Dashboards?

The Cemplicity Help Centre is available to provide this guidance. The Help Centre is accessed through the Cemplicity portal (where the Dashboard is accessed), and has a range of useful resources, how-to videos, pre-recorded webinars and a list of upcoming training to support your organisations to get the most out of your dashboard and the data they contain.

The Help Centre also provides templates to support your organisation to embed the use of the YES PHN Survey, including posters promoting the use of the survey for clients and staff, and brochures that answer common questions clients have about participating in the survey. These templates can be customised to your organisation, which helps to show clients that the survey is genuine and explains the purpose of the survey. All of the templates can be downloaded from the Help Centre at no cost and modified to be specific to your organisation.

Another useful function available to help you to navigate the Cemplicity Dashboard, is the “Contact Support” function the Help Centre also provides. You can contact the Help Centre team through this function to ask specific questions or request assistance that may not be covered in the resources or templates that are already available.

Accessed by clicking on the ‘?’ icon at the top of the Dashboard, your organisation’s nominated representatives have Dashboard access and can assist you to access the resources available. Each commissioned service organisation using the YES PHN Survey through Cemplicity have two (2) nominated representatives – your Commissioning Coordinator can let you know who these people are if you aren’t sure. These nominated representatives can let you know when ‘live’ webinars are scheduled and download templates and resources for you.

The Cemplicity Help Centre is accessed through your Cemplicity portal by clicking on the ‘?’ icon at the top of the Dashboard

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