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Changes to Financial Reporting Requirements for Contracted/Commissioned Service Providers

The contractual requirement for Contracted Service Providers to submit an FY2023/2024 ‘audited’ financial statement generally due in October is now changing to be submission of an ‘Unaudited Financial Summary’, which will now be due mid-August.

Concurrently, and where the Unaudited Financial Summary reveals surplus payments or undelivered activity, we invite you attach a rollover request.

Contracted Service Providers will be requested to submit the financial information via Folio with opportunity to attach the rollover request. A signed audited statement is no longer required; however, the Folio checklist will need to be submitted by a relevant authorised representative of the organisation.

Communications with detailed instruction outlining the information to be entered into the Folio Checklist has been sent to all Contracted Service Providers. If you did not receive this information or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the PHN, the PHN Contracts Team or your Commissioning Coordinator.

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