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PHN launches Core Needs Assessment identifying region's health needs

The Core Needs Assessment 2022-25 (CNA) provides the basis of the PHN’s understanding of the health needs of people living in the region, including differences experienced by population groups, and is used to inform the way it plans and commissions health services. It is the product of an exhaustive research and consultation process by the PHN's Health Planning team.

The health needs and service gaps identified have been grouped under nine overarching themes including; Health and Wellbeing of First Nations People; Maternal, Child and Youth Health; Older Persons Health; Primary Mental Health Care and Suicide Prevention, and Health Workforce and Service Capacity. The CNA presents options for work that can be done to address these needs and improve the health of the population. It is the first step in the PHN commissioning framework.

View Needs Assessment 2022-25

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