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Provider Connect Australia™ and the Primary Health Network host informative session led by ADHAs Julie Khoury

Aimed at enhancing the accuracy of healthcare service and practitioner information, Hunter New England Central Coast Primary Health Network (the PHN) collaborated with the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) to host an education session on Provider Connect Australia™ (PCA™).

Led by Julie Khoury from the ADHA, the informative session covered several key topics:

  • The benefits of utilising Provider Connect Australia™.
  • Step-by-step guidance on the registration process for Provider Connect Australia™.
  • Practical insights into using the PCA™ portal to update healthcare services efficiently.

Healthcare providers who missed the live webinar, can still benefit from the valuable information shared via the recording now available for access at Provider Connect Australia - Primary Health Network (

Provider Connect Australia™ simplifies how you update information about healthcare services and practitioners, eliminating the need to keep multiple directories up-to-date manually. By enhancing accuracy, reducing duplications, and streamlining notifications, PCA™ contributes significantly to operational efficiency and improved service delivery.

A significant milestone for allied health providers and PCA™ is the Australian Podiatry Association joining as the first allied health business partner. This partnership strengthens the network and highlights the platform's commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation in digital healthcare solutions.

The Australian Digital Health Agency says: “In the coming months, we anticipate more and more healthcare organisations to join as we continue extending the connection to government programs, pathology and radiology services, hospital networks, health service directories, secure messaging providers, insurers and more.”

To find out how to register for Provider Connect Australia™, access the pre-registration checklist and watch a short video that explains the registration checklist visit

Alternatively contact the Australian Digital Health Agency directly for support on (02) 6223 0741 or via email

The collaborative efforts of the PHN and the ADHA reflect a growing momentum in embracing digital solutions like PCA™ in healthcare and help pave the way for enhanced connectivity, efficiency, and quality in healthcare service delivery.

PCA™ information is also available in the PHN Health-e Together Digital Care Toolbox.

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