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What is Palliative Care? The PHN releases community explainer video.

A priority across our broader community, as identified in our Palliative Care Needs Assessment, is to increase awareness and improve health and death literacy.
To assist in meeting this need, the PHN is pleased to share this educational video What is palliative Care? developed for National Palliative Care Week.

It is with improved knowledge and understanding, that people will feel more empowered to advocate for their needs and preferences which in turn can improve their experiences of care. The PHN will be involved in the delivery of a range of projects in this area including facilitation and delivery of education and the development of resources and incentive programs to improve the coordination of palliative care in the primary care sector.

Join presenter Charles Broadfoot from the PHN as he talks all things Palliative Care with Dr Ashwin Kaniah GP and Palliative Care Trainee, Angela Martin, Nurse Practitioner and Kylie Hutchinson, Death Doula.

More Information

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National Palliative Care Week ‘Matters of Life and Death’

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Live the Life You Please film/campaign – screening in cinemas during Palliative Care Week

The PHN is funded under the Commonwealth’s Greater Choice for At Home Palliative Care (GCfAHPC) measure which aims to increase choice for more people to be cared for and die at home, as that is most people’s preference.

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