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2024 Gold Sponsors

CS Health

Coal Services is an industry-owned organisation that provides health and safety services to the NSW coal industry. These include occupational health surveillance and exposure monitoring, workers compensation, mines rescue and training; all of which are connected through a common purpose - to ‘protect’.

CS Health is part of Coal Services’ Specialised Health and Safety Scheme. We work with industry to manage health risks and optimise workforce health and wellbeing.

Our services focus on prevention, monitoring and early detection of occupational illness that may result from hazard exposure in the workplace. Services include occupational medicals and periodic health surveillance, allied health and rehabilitation. We also work with our customers to develop and implement health strategies and education to help increase awareness of health issues and their prevention.

Our purpose: to protect

Our vision: to partner with industry for a safe workplace and a healthy workforce

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CS Health recognises the challenges that health professionals face in providing accessible and quality health services in regional and rural areas, where many NSW coal miner workers live and work. Sponsoring this event presents an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of the PHN in these communities.

Kirsty Bates

General Manager, Health

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CS Health values our relationship with the PHN as together we can better understand and support each other’s efforts to deliver essential health services to care for those in our communities.

Monique Roberts

Head of Health Operations


Visionflex is the leading provider of next-gen telehealth and clinical virtual care technology.

Bringing together a curated mix of purpose-built software and hardware, the range of telehealth solutions from Visionflex facilitates remote clinical examinations between metro-based healthcare professionals and regional patients.

Visionflex flagship products include the ProEX Virtual Care Software, Vision platform, Telehealth Cart range, ProEX Mobile and GEIS® Camera.

With customers based across the country and around the world, our technologies help close the gap on access to quality healthcare services anywhere, any time.

Visionflex technology helps reduce unnecessary travel time and costs by enabling patients to remain at home for pre- and post-medical treatment appointments, and for their families to be involved in communal decision making.

Telehealth is also a valuable tool to deliver ongoing professional development to remote healthcare workers to update their skills and knowledge. Remote physicians can directly observe and mentor staff, demonstrate medical problems and treatments, and provide important feedback on medical cases.

Talk to our team or visit our website to find out more today.

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Visionflex is honoured to be a Gold Sponsor of the Primary Care Quality and Innovation Awards for 2024, hosted by HNECC PHN. As Australia’s leading clinical virtual care technology provider, the Visionflex team is committed to fostering community health. This partnership reflects our dedication to innovation and collaboration, paving the way for a healthier, more connected future together.

Joshua Mundey

Chief Executive Officer – Visionflex

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