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Getting vaccinated against Japanese Encephalitis (JEV)

Mosquitoes can carry and spread viruses like Japanese encephalitis (JEV), which can lead to serious illness. It’s important that we all take simple steps to protect ourselves against illness, prevent mosquito bites and reduce the number of mosquitoes around our homes and community.

While the temperatures are cold and mosquito numbers are low, now is the best time to start preparing yourself against mosquito-borne disease this coming summer. Getting vaccinated against JEV is a great first step you can take before the mosquito season begins, to ensure you’re giving yourself the highest level of protection from the disease.

The Japanese encephalitis vaccine is safe and effective for people aged 2 months and older. Vaccination is recommended for those at the highest risk of catching Japanese encephalitis.

Once fully vaccinated, it can take between 2 to 4 weeks for your body to develop a protective immune response to the disease, so if you’re eligible, you should get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Who is eligible for a free Japanese encephalitis virus vaccination

In NSW, a free Japanese encephalitis virus vaccination is available for people aged 2 months or older who live or routinely work in any of the below Local Government Areas and:

  • regularly spend time outdoors placing them at risk of mosquito bites, or
  • are experiencing homelessness, or
  • are living in conditions with limited mosquito protection (e.g. tents, caravans, dwellings with no insect screens), or
  • are engaging in outdoor flood recovery (clean-up) efforts, including repeated professional or volunteer deployments.

A toolkit has been developed to help you communicate with your local community about JEV vaccination.

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