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Support for Bushfire affected communities

Posted January 07 2020

The stress of experiencing something such as a bushfire can leave people at a higher risk of developing depression or anxiety, even if they are not directly dealing with loss of property and/or possessions.

If you live in the New England, North West or Mid-Coast regions and have been affected by the bushfires, you can access free mental health coaching via the bushfire wellbeing coaching line.

bushfire wellbeing coaching line - 1800 010 630
  • Available between 8.30 am – 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • No referral is needed.
  • Free telephone coaching services with a mental health practitioner will provide you with strategies and techniques to manage their mental health.
  • This service is for people experiencing mild to moderate distress or mental health concerns as a result of the recent fires and is not a crisis service.

Our new Bushfire Support web page has a wide range of information, resources and links available to access mental health, welfare and other support services.

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