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Child and Youth Health

On behalf of the HNE Community HealthPathways team, please see all the work that has been done to support children’s health within the district in the past 12 months. As well as planned and current work for the next 12 months.

Highlights include the support we have provided to assist in the delivery of the outcomes of the First 2000 Days of Life project. In particular supporting the ADHD Shared Care pilot by overhauling our ADHD in Children pathway to support the new ADHD shared care model. We continue to assist the team in modifying the ADHD Shared Care pathway as the pilot progresses. We also look forward to being part of any evaluation of the pilot. We’ve also recently included Maple Leaf House to our Transgender Health and Gender Diversity Referrals

Reviewing and updating our pathways forms an essential part of our work. Our review process ensures GPs are provided with the most evidenced based information in which to base their assessment and management of a patient. It also ensures all referral information is accurate so that if referral is required, it is to the most appropriate service at the most appropriate time.

As we add more pathways to the website, so does the volume of pathways to review grows. A key component to completing a review is the willingness of a specialist (SME) to participate in the review. Their key role is to review the changes made by the Clinical Editor and either approve the changes or suggest further edits. Engaging SMEs to assist with pathway reviews is a challenge. If you can help in facilitating this in that would be great. It could be just sharing the list of upcoming reviews with your senior clinical leaders to help us make contact with the most appropriate SME. Remember to include us in that email!

Lastly, we have included utilisation data for all paediatric pathways. These include non-localised pathways. Including information on non-localised pathways may help assist in highlighting priority areas in your service. This data also informs our decisions on what pathways to prioritise for development.

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