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Capacity Tracker

What is it?

The PHN is implementing the Capacity Tracker across the region to support continuity of care for the community through primary care. Users are encouraged to provide frequent updates of their status through the online portal.

The original tool has been widely used by Residential Aged Care Facilities in the UK for some years, with recent additional enhancements to support providers with pandemic issues. It has now been modified for use in the HNECC region.

It enables providers to share their current status and issues easily and quickly. It is fast, secure and completely free, as it is funded by the PHN, and it all works online.


  • It allows providers to contribute current updates on the status of their workforce, appointments, admissions, vacancies, PPE supplies and COVID-19 impacts in just a few clicks from any internet-connected device at any time.
  • Reports from the Capacity Tracker will be used to analyse the current issues and challenges across the region and assist in identifying areas where support may be provided.
  • In response to COVID-19, the PHN has established links and devised response plans to work with various services and agencies to get the support and resources where they are needed as quickly as possible. This may be through direct intervention, such as helping to find alternate GP support for a RACF in the event of an emergency Practice shutdown, or by providing advice or connections to a relevant service or organisation.

How to get started

There needs to be at least one staff member from each organisation who registers for the Capacity Tracker. It’s a good idea to have several registered 'users' so that changes can be updated at any time even if one staff member/user is unavailable.

To register, go to and select Register NOW.

Complete the form and submit.

An email will be sent to confirm registration request, and another when it has been finalised, usually within 1 working day.

The system is then available to use, and there are Help resources available in the Resource Centre. A PHN team member will call the Registered User soon after setup to offer support and assistance.

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