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What is HealthPathways

HealthPathways is an online health information portal for GPs and other primary health clinicians, to be used at the point of care. It provides information on how to assess and manage medical conditions, and how to refer patients to local specialists and services in the most timely way.

HealthPathways now uses a responsive design, which means all pages shift and adjust the content depending on the device you're using (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile). Click here for instructions on accessing HealthPathways on your mobile phone.

As HealthPathways is a dynamic collaboration between local primary health care clinicians and the Local Health Districts there are separate portals for both the Hunter New England and Central Coast regions.

HealthPathways is NOT designed to be used by patients or general community members and as such a user name and password are required to use the site. Clinicians without access can request password details by contacting us.

HealthPathways portals

PatientInfo portals

Patientinfo is a companion health information portal to HealthPathways and links directly to the patient health information advice within the HealthPathways sites. No passwords are required to access the sites and so the links can be provided to patients to help them understand and manage their health conditions. As it is sourced from HealthPathways clinicians can be confident the advice is reliable, evidence based and up to date.

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