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Primary care providers are inherently involved and play an important role in the disaster recovery of their community.​

Please note: Follow the advice of first responding lead agencies at all times. ​

Is your business continuity affected by a disaster / emergency? Please send an alert the PHN through Capacity Tracker

The PHN is actively supporting primary care providers who recover from the effect of disasters and emergencies by:

  • Rolling out grants to assist providers and / or communities in their disaster recovery (subject to availability)
  • Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of providers and their staff and offering support resources for patients recovering from a disaster including mental health resources that help ​people navigating through challenging times in disaster recovery.​

Providing helpful resources on Health Pathways

HealthPathways is NOT designed to be used by patients or general community members and as such a user name and password are required to use the site. Clinicians without access can request password details by contacting us.

Offering training and resources for primary care providers

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