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Digital Health

The PHN is dedicated to helping general practices across the region with optimising digital health initiatives and programs. General practices can access resources and information to help assist with the setup and renewal of My Health Records and help identify and implement quality improvement activities to support uploading of Shared Health Summaries and viewing of support documents.

This can include:

  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Diagnoses
  • Hospital discharge summary
  • Pathology and imaging
  • Patients health information (such as a personal health summary or an advance care directive).

Here you will be able to find resources and information that will assist your practice in the implementation of My Health Records setting up a Practice HPI-O and certificate renewals. Being able to access the My Health Records for your patients will help with quality improvement activities to provide better patient care.

Sandie Hordern is the PHN support lead for My Health Records. Sandie can be contacted at or through your Primary Care Improvement Officer.

Data and Dashboard

Data Extraction

Pencat recipes for Shared Health Summaries (SHS) uploaded by the practice

The PHN provides free licencing to the PENCS suite of products (It combines platforms of the Clinical Audit Tool (CAT4), PAT CAT and Topbar) for the extraction of data from general practices to support with:

  • Quality Improvement
  • Accreditation standards
  • Practice Incentive Program (PIP) Quality Improvement (QI)
  • Population Health planning/support (Comprehensive General Dashboard Reports)

It is compatible with most of the General Practice Clinical Information Systems (CIS). All identifiable data extracted from a Clinical Information System using CAT Plus is securely stored within the practice and not moved offsite.

For more information on the PCS suite of tools please visit and for more information and support with General Practice Data please contact your PCIO.

Community of Practice

Join the Digital Health Community of Practice

  • This PHN’s Communities of Practice are open to primary care providers within the Hunter, New England & Central Coast Primary Health Network region to share ideas and resources to support quality improvement activities.
  • Anyone associated with a primary care organisation in the Hunter, New England and Central Coast region is welcome to request membership of the Primary Care QI CoP.
  • Evidence of employment in a primary care organisation or evidence of working closely with primary care clinicians will be required.
  • Please note that any resources contributed to this site can be viewed by members of that CoP and by sharing them you agree that others can use and adapt them freely.

To join the Community of practice for Digital Health, please email Sandie Horden or contact your Primary Care Improvement Officer.

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