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The COVID-19 vaccines are our best protection. They can help protect mob from getting really sick from COVID-19 and reduce the spread of the virus.

By getting vaccinated, we’re protecting ourselves, our Elders, family, friends and our community from COVID-19.

Two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine gives you around 90% protection against needing to be admitted to hospital or dying from COVID-19. It also reduces the spread of COVID-19 to others

  • let’s get vaccinated so we can get back to our way of life
  • vaccines are available at Aboriginal Medical Services, pharmacies, GPs and NSW Health clinics

The PHN has developed an electronic and printed method to assist priority communities in the region to be linked up with an appropriate COVID-19 vaccination service and/or appointment.

Community can complete the online or printed form requesting support to receive their COVID-19 vaccination.

Complete the request for support form

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The COVID-19 Delta strain spreads very quickly, especially in families. The vaccines are our best protection. They help stop us getting really sick. If you’re worried, talk to your local health service. Let’s all get vaccinated to protect ourselves and our community. Visit https://covid-vaccine.healthdi... to book your COVID-19 vaccination or call 1800 020 080 for help. Let’s do this to protect our mob.

Raylene, from Awabakal AMS.

Where to get the vax

COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective and free. All Aboriginal people 12 years and older can get a COVID-19 vaccine. Appointments are available at GPs, pharmacies, Aboriginal Medical Services and NSW Health vaccination clinics.

Speak to your local GP, Aboriginal Medical Service or pharmacist, or see the below for more info:

For more information:

  • Talk to your GP, Aboriginal Medical Service or Aboriginal Health Worker or pharmacist. They can provide information about the COVID-19 vaccines, how to book your vaccination and what to expect.
  • Call the National Coronavirus and COVID-19 Vaccine Helpline on 1800 020 080 for assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Inspiration from Mob

Don’t delay COVID-19 is still around in our community and can spread very quickly. COVID-19 isn’t just affecting the elderly. Many young people are becoming very sick. The sooner we are all protected, the sooner we can gather together, connect again and get back to doing the things we love. So let’s do this NSW, let’s keep our mob safe. Get vaccinated to protect our mob!

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